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Whatever destination will steal your heart, we will accompany you everywhere giving you the best advice, so that your family and friends can have a unique and memorable experience in Tuscany.

Are you ready? If you like the idea of being surrounded by the emotions and atmosphere of a castle, or say “I do” with the sea in front of you, or between the avenues and the Tuscan countryside, you are in the right place. Thanks to our strong network of relationships with the excellence of the wedding sector, we guarantee the organization of your wedding wherever you want, helping you to find exclusive venues.
“You just need to understand if the sensation of the grains of sand under your feet and the crystal clear sea in front of your eyes is the perfect setting to say your 'yes'.”

Imagine a spring day or a summer evening: the sea in front of you, the light breeze intertwined with the salty smell, the lights that illuminate the coast at sunset and the waves crashing on the shoreline Would you like to live your wedding day in such a relaxing, romantic and simply magical setting? If you love the sea and your dream is to organize a wedding on the beach or in a seaside resort, you need to know that Tuscany will not cease to amaze because it has a lot to offer for this type of landscape as well. In fact, starting from Versilia, passing through the Etruscan coast up to Maremma, there are many locations overlooking the sea where you can organize your wedding.
“The secret is all here, in those orange sunsets that greet the golden hills during warm summer evenings, to give way to starry nights, when nothing else is heard except the beating of your hearts.

Stroll through orchards of olives and groves of grapes as you celebrate the most important day of your life. If you imagine your wedding surrounded by vineyards and valleys that spread out in enchanting colors, how not thinking about Val d'Orcia, the green countryside of Chianti or the fascinating views of Casentino. Scattered in these sceneries there are elegant villas and estates, places out of the ordinary immersed in silence and enveloped in the scents of the most pristine nature that this land can offer.
“Close your eyes and imagine: the sunset, a breathtaking view behind you, a dinner among crystal chandeliers to give light, the fairytale dress of the bride.”

Choosing a castle as your wedding venue it’s the right choice for couples who love dreams and romance and want to be the protagonists of a timeless fairy tale, immersed in the charm of a place with a thousand-year history. The idea of celebrating such a special day within the walls of an ancient fortress fascinates many couples, who are seduced by the charm of another era, letting themselves be conquered by the majesty of the architecture, the beautiful gardens and the mosaics and frescoes that decorate the rooms. As if the storytelling of their love became part of the eternal history that those ancient walls enclose, living a magic suspended between past and present.

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