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About Martina Miliani..

Hi! I am Martina. I am 35 years old and I live in Arezzo, in Tuscany. Every day I feel so lucky to live here, because I love my land immensely, the climate, the landscapes, the good food and the people who live here.

Something about me? I love animals, cooking and eating good things, going out, being with friends and doing physical activity outdoors, even if in summer it is replaced with the thousand million kilometers we do for our newlyweds around villages, farmhouses and castles. What can I say? Thanks for keeping me fit!

Since I was a child, I have always loved to organize parties and events for my friends and my family. After many years of experience in corporate events, catering and abroad to grow and always learn something new, my dream to organize them right here in my land has finally come true! It’s like that question they ask you when you are little: "What would you like to be when you grow up?" I would say: "Exactly what I’m doing!" I think this is really one of the largest fortunes, because being happy with your job makes everything better, even for those around you.

It is fantastic that so many people love my region and our beautiful hills, so I am grateful for what I have and so happy to share it with couples who will decide to realize their dream here relying on my/our help.

The most beautiful side of my work? There are many, it is hard to choose. My favourites are for sure: fulfilling the wishes of people who rely on me; seeing them quiet and happy on their big day; the choice, the care of details and table settings, from the thousand tablecloths, placemats, cutlery and flowers for centerpieces. I have a lot of fun even at home: unlike many women, every day I would buy a glass or a tablecloth instead of a dress or a jewel and in my top three, although the list would be very long, I add teamwork. I love the day of your event more than all the previous ones, because thanks to trusted partners and suppliers we realize what we have planned and imagined for months. Just like the first day, seeing the wonder in your eyes, making you happy, amazing you, for me it is the most unique sensation: all of this makes my job my greatest passion. What distinguishes me is the naturalness and simplicity with that I bring love into the event, making it inexorably unique and constantly inspiring me to my land. I will accompany you along this wonderful journey by planning every single detail with you, with the promise of being a constant but discreet presence, planning your wedding to make you live as the only protagonists

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